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Check out the fantastic program available for your business meeting needs at Gotowebinar is a program that allows you to hold meetings with large numbers of participants completely online. This is a cost-saving measure because you don't have to travel to meet with these people, or arrange to have a large meeting room. All the participants stay at home and still attend your meeting. This is one way you can reach large numbers of people with your presentation or pitch for your business.

When you register for Gotowebinar, you can target and screen your audience with a logo page for your registration. Gotowebinar will actually manage the list of participants for you and even send them an email reminding them of the time and date of the meeting. The software you download is easy to use. You won't need to have any training to be able to use it on your own. You just pay one flat fee per year and hold as many meetings as you wish. The software also includes Gotomeeting, which allows you to hold meetings with a smaller number of participants.

There are key differences between Gotomeeting and Gotowebinar. For one thing the number of participants is much different. Gotomeeting allows only 15 people to participate. With Gotowebinar you cal also have attendee reporting which gives you a list of people who did attend allowing you to follow up on the presentations. You also get webinar polling through questions and answers, and administration for multiple organizers and recording storage.

You also get free voice conferencing. The participants use a toll based number to dial into the presentation, but they do have to pay any long distance charges involved. The webinars are completely private and secure with the built-in state of the art technology.

Even if you want to attend a meeting, you don't need to have an account. You can participate in a meeting by any Webinar customer.


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