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Webinar vs Webcast

The main difference of these two applications is webinars are intended for a specific target audience and a webcast can be watched by anyone. Webcasts are used by businesses to attract new customers, so they can buy services.

Webinars are used to promote businesses but this is not the primary purpose of their usage. Webinars are used by many companies to conduct training seminars and gather people from different locations to attend a meeting. Webcasts can be used to advertise a particular business and their services but when meetings and seminars are concerned, webinars are conducted. Webinars are conducted to present information to people involved with the company.

Businesses use webcasts for viral marketing purposes to reach a larger audience and their customers. Webcasts promote a business to a broader audience. Webinars are only available through invites and the participants can only access the webinar by using a password. Which makes webinars secure.

Webcasts are meant for the general public to view and it is shared online. Webcasts can be used to recommend an individual to watch and learn new information about a business. A webinar is not viewed by the general public and that is not its purpose. Vital information is presented during the webinar by the presenter and it is meant to be accessible to an employee of that particular company.

Webcasts can be set up by anyone with a few simple steps but a webinar has a hosting service. A webinar that is conducted has to be paid by the company and a monthly fee is charged to the viewers and the people who are conducting the presentation. Surfing the internet with Google and a webcast will be accessible and you can see everything about the particular business. Many webinars require invitations and if you are not invited you cannot attend the presentation. A webinar's content is meant to be seen by the employees of the company. Information is confidential and if that information is jeopardized, the company could be in serious trouble.

Small business owners should use webcasts to reach a larger audience. Webcasts and webinars use the same technology but they are entirely different. The purposes and audiences are the main catalysts of the distinction.

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