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Webinar Providers - What to Consider Before Deciding

Putting together a webinar requires a bit more than just putting the presentation or lecture together. It actually requires a great deal more. Things such as hosting, surveys, chats, and bandwidth need to be considered. Most individuals looking to put a webinar together are going to use these criteria when looking for webinar providers.

The first thing to consider is budget. What are the allotted amount set aside for the production, hosting, bandwidth and other related expenses attached to the webinar? Providers usually change in the following ways:
• A monthly fee
• Per seat
• Per minute per user

A monthly fee will include the hosting of the files, usually has voice services included and allows a certain number of views or seats. The per seat is a program that allows only so many people per viewing. They may or may not limit the number of seats per month as well as the number of viewings that are allowed. The per minute per user plan charges a set fee per minute for each user that is viewing. These plans usually do not limit the number of views or the number of seats per month or viewing.

Once the budget has been decided on and it has been decided which type of plan is going to work the best for the particular webinar, it is time to look into the features that are going to be necessary to produce and present the webinar in the manner that is desired. For example, voice services may be a feature that is desired for the particular webinar and a separate service will not be a cost effective or easy to use as one included with a hosting service.

It is also important to consider additional services such as online chat options for individuals who may not have access to voice services. This allows these individuals to participate. Many webinar providers may have these services available as part of the packages they offer in addition to hosting services.

The choice of providers is a serious consideration. It should be researched carefully as it is important to gain the most benefits possible, the best quality service and the best features while still maintaining both cost effectiveness and budget criteria. Most webinars are live feeds. It is one of the primary definitions but that does not mean that they cannot be recorded and viewed whenever a time is scheduled. 

The important part of a webinar is the fact that it is in some form or fashion interactive. This is why it is usually life feed that uses the phone as a way of communicating. Video conferencing is also often used allowing the video to be watched and interaction to occur via Voice over IP chat. This is why it is essential to make a note of the features offered by webinar providers. Providers offer a number of different services and it is important that these features be available when hosting a webinar either through the hosting service or through additional services.

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