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Web Based Video Conferencing Solutions

There are several video conferencing solutions available to businesses of all sizes today depending upon individual need. Some corporations may opt for purchasing hardware and software outright. Most businesses will choose to use a web-based platform simply because it is much easier to implement and more cost effective.

There are several video conferencing solutions available to those seeking a web based option. There are also various features available. For example, you may only want the capability to communicate in two-way video conferences. If this is the case, you can choose a free service like Skype or Oovoo. However, if you want multi-user video and additional features like file sharing then you will need to upgrade to a paid web-based host.

The price you must pay for web-based video conferencing usually will depend upon the number of users you want to allow to have access. For example, if you want to control costs, you can choose GoToMeething which allows meetings of up to 15 people or WebEx which allows up to 25 people for under $50 per month. If you want to put on video conference seminars that are open to hundreds of people, you can expect to pay much more. One way you can control your cost is to buy a service that caps your attendees and then record the conference and let as many people as you want view it at a later time.

Video conferencing solutions can be simple one-on-one video chats or they can be between multiple users via a split screen. There is usually a limit of up to eight participants in a video chat at the same time due to screen limitations, but the screen can be passed among several participants one at a time to include more than eight people.

Web-based video conferencing can also be set up to allow multiple presenters in a seminar setting even if they are in different locations. The host of the conference can control access and even move the guest camera around among the participants to provide a question and answer type atmosphere for the attendees.

In addition to just video conferencing, paid web-based solutions provide enhancements that allow you to share files such as audio, video, PDF, docs, texts, and spreadsheets. Many also have collaboration capability that lets you work with employees or co-workers on documents and update them in real time.

Desktop sharing is another feature of most video conferencing providers. This allows you to show participants your desktop so you can take them on tours of the web or show them how to operate a software application. You can even switch desktop views so you can see the desktop of another person on the conference.

Video conferencing solutions go way beyond simple video chatting. They provide all of the features and options you need to put on a complete training session or instructional seminar. You can hand out digital documents and talk to people face to face just like you would do if the meeting were being held in person. Except with a video conference you save yourself the time, expense, and hassle of traveling and setting up a physical meeting.


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