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Video Conferencing: What Hardware Do You Need?

Video conferencing services are for people who want to meet with others who are far away, but still need to be able to see them. With awebmeeting service you look at a computer desktop, but with video conferencing services you look at other people. It's like a larger-scale version of awebcam. Video conferencing is as close as it gets to being in a live meeting without actually having to get together for one.

What You're Looking for in Video Conferencing Technology

You want your service to give you a relatively higher compression rate. It's possible to get one of up to 1:500, and this is desirable because it will make the video conferencing run smoothly. Compressed video and audio information istransported digitally by way of packets through the digital network that you use.

It's best to use Internet video conferencing if you can afford it. This is how most video conferencing services work. But there are telephone-based video conferencing services, too.

Next, you want to look into the hardware involved with video conferencing.

Video Input

Assuming your service runs by way of the Internet, you'll need some sort of webcam. When selecting your webcam, try to get one that offers face tracking. You'll want this for times when just one person is hosting the video conference. Other than that, you want sophisticated color graphics and a technology known as "Right Light", although Red Light is pricey.

Audio Input

This essentially means microphones, so you want those that are able to pick up all participants' voices while canceling out undesirable noises like the movement of papers to the greatest possible extent. Most of the time, you can simply use a single mic which connects to the computer (system). For smaller video conferences, you can consider having small clip-on mics for each person. These work best for noise-cancellation.

Video Output

Your choices here will be between a computer monitor, a projector, or a television screen. What matters here is simply what will serve you best in matters of balancing out size, cost, and user-friendliness.

Audio Output

This will consist of your speaker system. The speakers will connect with your computer system. When you buy the speakers, you'll want to think about the space into which they must fit. If they're too big, you'll have a hard time getting them properly set up. But of course if they're too small, their sound won't carry like you need. You want to get speakers that you are allowed to test out first. You want to have the very best sound quality that your money can buy.

Make sure your video conferencing technology is top of the line but fits in with your needs. It's pretty simple when you break it down.



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