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Video Conferencing - Fun For Families

You probably think of business applications when you hear the term video conferencing. While businesses do benefit greatly from this technology, it is also a lot of fun for personal use. Video conferencing is a great way for families to stay in touch and to talk with friends. It is so much more personal that emailing, texting, or talking on a regular phone.

You can get started with simple two way video conferencing for free when you use Skype. You can connect your web cam to Skype and talk for free to anyone else on the Skype system. It is simple to install and you can have it set up in no time. You can also use Skype to make regular calls using VoIP but if you call someone who is not a Skype user, you have to pay a few cents per minute.

Palbee is another way to video conference for free although you are limited to a session length of one hour. It is totally web based so you don't need to download software like you do with Skype. As long as you have a browser and webcam you can participate. You can even record your meeting and embed it on your blog for others to watch later.

Oovoo is another video conferencing service that lets you video chat with up to six friends at the same time for a small fee. They also provide two-way video chatting for free. With Oovoo you can send files, and record video messages. A download is required to use their service. When you upgrade to multi-user capability you also get additional features like desktop sharing.

Any of the services above offer an easy and free way to video chat with your friends and family. Although these same services can be used for business purposes, additional features would probably be needed that require an upgrade to paid service. For one-on-one video communication though, a service like Skype is just as useful for business applications as for personal use especially since so many people use Skype today and calls between users are free.

In order to take part in video conferencing, you will need a web cam, headset, and way to access the software. Your headset will need a microphone or you should have a separate one. You need a way to speak to the caller and a way to hear what they say in return. If you have an up to date computer system, you probably already have everything you need to take part in video conferencing. Even if you need to buy a web cam and headset, you can find them very affordably priced today.

You probably call your friends and family several times a week anyway; why not make it more fun and personal by using video conferencing instead, especially if you can do it
for free. You could talk to your cousin in Iraq or your grandma in Tennessee. Seeing them face to face, even if it is on video, is the next best thing to being there in person.

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