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Tips to Make you a Good Webinar Host

Hosting a webinar is not a difficult job, but it does involve careful planning.  A good webinar host has to be ready for anything and also has to be able to effectively get across the point of the webinar.  Keeping participants active in the discussion and ensuring that everyone understand are other parts of the host’s duties.  The following outlines several things to keep in mind when acting as a webinar host.  Following these tips will help you to be the best webinar host possible.

Choose the Webinar Company Carefully

You need to choose a good webinar company that will be reliable and let you present the information your to in the way you need to.  You should make sure you have options in different tools and that you can completely trust the company will offer a stable service.  You might also want to check into pricing and shop around to ensure you get a good value on your webinar.

Seek the Help of a Meeting Consultant

Many webinar companies offer the service of a consultant who can help you set up the webinar and ensure that things go smoothly.  This is a great idea if this is your first webinar.  It will ensure that you understand how the system works and that you can easily explain this to your participants.  Additionally, a consultant is there if problems arise or you need any help at all during the whole webinar process.

Schedule Carefully

You might be choosing a webinar to make scheduling easier and to work with everyone’s schedules, but what you may not realize is the technical aspects of a webinar still require some careful planning.  Since the webinar is running off the internet and this involves things like bandwidth, you need to avoid peak times when things could be so busy there is a risk of a crash.  Peak times often are Mondays and Fridays.  Good times to choose are 15 after the hour or right before or after lunch.

Keep the Content High Quality

With trying to get all the little details right you can easily forget the meat – the actual conference agenda.  Make sure that you take time to plan out your conference and that you make it interesting.  Stick to the point and make use of tools that will help you to ensure your point gets across clearly. 

Start Off on the Right Foot
When the time comes to begin the webinar you need to ensure things start well.  You should put up a welcome slide that lets participants know they are in the right place.  You should also provide helpful tips about how the webinar will work and how to use features like the message board or polls.  You should also explain the different parts of the webinar so participants know what to expect.

Following these helpful tips can help you to make your webinar a success.  It can be a bit overwhelming to host your first one, but soon you will be a pro at hosting webinars and find them to be an invaluable communication tool.

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