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The first webinar and web conferencing software came onto the market in the late nineteen nineties and this was soon followed by a number of other webinar and web conferencing providers. Webinars and web conferencing are delivered over a web server that is controlled by the person who is selling the service. Companies differ in how they apply costings for these services some companies will charge a flat monthly fee while others will charge per participant per minute. Some sellers also charge on the per seat model rather than the monthly fee or per minute model. Companies can choose the costing model that is better for their budget as not all companies run their finances in the same way.

Webinars generally run on a screen sharing process that allows the participant to see whatever is on the presenter’s screen at that moment. Although the alternative system of allowing participants to control the presenter’s screen, this process is not often used. Some sellers take less control of webinars as they allow presenters to host their own webinars and web conferencing on their own server. Even though it may not be cheap to finance webinars and web conferencing, it is still considerably cheaper than funding travel and hotel costs for employees. Using webinars and web conferencing also means that companies save a lot of time because employees can gain access to the training session or conference from their desks.

Which sales model you choose, will depend on the needs of your company and the way the company finances are run. Before you choose a webinar or web conferencing provider you should do some research to compare one provider with another. There is no standardization of webinars and web conferencing at present, which means that there can be vast differences between one provider and another.

Non-standardization has resulted in a number of issues that could harm a company and make them reconsider their choice of provider. There have been security issues with some providers and this can be a real problem for companies who may not want their webinars and conferences overlooked by their competitors. It is widely recognized that business espionage is a huge problem and a lack of security could tend to encourage this kind of activity. Some providers will keep track of participants and feed that back to the employers so that they know who is attending the webinar or conference.

In addition to the security issues some sites have a lot of downtime as they are not properly set up for interoperation. In 2003 a panel was set up to investigate issues of standardization in webinars and web conference provision that offered a common platform for all providers as well as a mechanism for tracking and authorizing membership. What actually emerged from the findings of the panel was a list of things that are meant to represent best practice in webinar and web conferencing provision.

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