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Internet seminars are great ways of conducting business here in the 21st century. By hosting Internet seminars you can bring together people from all over the place without their needing to travel, and without your having to travel.

A New Way of Life for your Business

More and more people who start up businesses today are turning to virtual office set ups or just doing a form of affiliate marketing. The reasons for this start with cost. It doesn't cost nearly as much to set up a virtual office or just one office out of your home for yourself as it does to go find office space to rent in the usual way. If you choose a virtual office setup, you simply buy your employees laptops and/or whatever software they will need. Perhaps you also pay for cell phone accounts for them. And--that's as far as it goes for their office supplies or company overhead. Everyone works from home or their localwi-fi ready cafe. Most business is conducted via instant messaging, e-mail, cell phone, video.

These videos can be pre-recorded, or they can be in the form of an Internet seminar--a "virtually live" presentation that everyone attends by way of having the right hosting software accessing their computer. The Internet seminar can be for employee training purposes, team meeting purposes, or have to do with client and prospect interactions.

With affiliate marketing, you can use Internet seminars to teach people about what you offer and why they should be interested. Affiliate marketing is arguably the most ideal home-based business, so rather than needing to book time in some hotel lobby or conference room, you can continue right along with your work-from-home practice in this way.

What an Internet Seminar Should Be Like

If you're someone who hates presenting in front of a group, an Internet seminar can help you be much more effective. There's nobody there in front of you, even though there may be hundreds of people in attendance. But, this can pose some problems.

It can be more difficult to keep the focus on the matter at hand with an Internet seminar than with a live seminar. Everyone is probably sitting by themselves somewhere and that can make it easier for them to become distracted. Therefore, you want to follow a pretty tight script throughout the seminar. This does not mean that you have to write out everything that you will say in advance--in fact, to keep people interested, there should be interactive Q&A sessions as there would be in a live presentation. But you certainly want to spend some good preparation time outlining to yourself what topics you'll cover and whatever prompting-notes you need.

It also helps to e-mail participants an outline of what you'll present that they can follow. Clarity and conciseness are the most important aspects of the Internet seminar and these must be emphasized even more than they might in the live setting. Keep this in mind and your seminar on the Internet should go smoothly.



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