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How to Run a Webinar

Running a webinar is not difficult but it does take its own set of skills. These skills can be easily obtained and with only a short research period, you could be well on your way to running a webinar. A webinar is a form of web conferencing. It should not be confused with other types of web conferences, which have come before it such as group discussions.

There are several different ways that you can run a webinar. Primarily the process involves using a video broadcast people watch this broadcast over the web and in turn they have the opportunity using voice over IP or phones to have a question and answer session or limited contact with the presenter. The benefits to webinars that bring it to the attention of many businesses and individuals are for example things like convenience and cost effectiveness.

Prior to the advent of webinars presenters had to travel incurring the expenses of airfare, hotel, rental cars, and the location rental fee. With a webinar, the only expense incurred is the expense of creating the video and handling any conferencing software or phone charges, which may apply. This increase profits considerably and makes it easier to present material to a larger number of individuals at the same time.

There are several different ways that you can run a webinar. You can set up the video to act as a live feed. This means that the presenter is presenting via webcam and that the presentation is live. People taking the webinar may use a speakerphone system to ask questions or there may be a chat room based question and answer session afterwards to handle comments or questions.

Another way to run a webinar is to create the video and post it. There are a couple different places or ways that you can post it. The best way to run a webinar is to post your videos onto your website. There are a number of ways that you can control access to the video or videos and allow people to access it strictly during certain times. This is a slightly more difficult process than simply posting the videos and then having a set of times that people can come and ask questions either through a phone conference or via a variety of online methods.

This is why a number of people choose to host webinars as live feeds. This allows strict control of the access and allows individuals to ask questions and respond during the appropriate times. Running a webinar can be a great way to present information.

You can use it to train employees, introduce concepts, products, and even services. It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to traditional seminars to produce. You can reach a larger number of individuals at the same time for less overall cost. This increases profit depending on how you set up your webinar you may only have to present materials once, record it to video and simply play the video back with someone available to answer questions and comments at the appropriate times.

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