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How Much Does a Webinar Cost?

If you are looking for a way to include webinars for your company, you have to first research the costs of hosting one. Many companies are considering webinars to present their products for specific training purposes. Webinars also work quite well for people who telecommute and they are unable to reach the company's location. They will have all the information they need since the presentation will be interactive.

Since these presentations are interactive, they are going to be expensive. Webinars will be more costly but it will beat the hassle of posting a video on a file sharing site and the viewers have to access it with a log in name and password. Webinars are just more convenient. Many things have to be considered with dealing with webinars, they are so different from your traditional video presentations.

First thing to consider is on demand or live feed. Each hosting sites features vary and on demand and live feed have different pricing. On demand price is surprisingly lower than live feed. Live feed features are bundled or presented as single additions which are added to the hosting fee. Live feed requires production from the staff to enable these videos to be viewed. The staff has to produce each video each time a presentation is viewed. That can be costly to your company.

On demand video feeds are pre-recorded and stored but in some cases these video feeds are going to be just as cost effective as the live feed webinars. On demand video feeds have to be recorded in a single session and they have to be recorded just once. The cost of a webinar is also affected by interactive features that are included.

Videos that are on a file sharing site are not meant to be interactive and they only include one comment section. On demand videos even include interactive capabilities. They include chat rooms, VoIP and phone conferencing. Webinars will always have a representative available to discuss the presentation or answer questions afterwards.

Webinars pricing plans are quite different from other forms of hosting. Webinars pricing is based on bandwidth usage and seating. A monthly rate for the amount of bandwidth used and the cost of how many people that have viewed the webinar. Sometimes the cost is split, number of people that have viewed the presentation and a limit is set on how many viewers can view per month.

Whoever views the webinar can be charged per minute. "Person per minute" fee is charged. A fee is charged for each minute a person is viewing the presentation. In many cases some features may be excluded and the number of seats available can be high per view. Prices can vary on a per minute basis.

The prices might be too expensive for your liking but the long term benefits and investment will override the cost. Webinars might just save you money and you can get whatever you invested into it back. You never know, webinars might be your best investment at the end of the day.

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