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How Does a Webinar Work?

Webinars are a convenient application that presents a large amount of information for a large amount of people. Webinars work in many different ways.

Webinars can be on demand or a live feed. On demand webinars are pre-recorded. People register online and log in to view the video feed. As a business you will have your viewers pay to view your webinar that is being hosted. The viewers will pay too much to view the feed.

If the webinar includes a phone conference, it is required to log in through a VoIP connection (if available). Phone conferences are preferred sometimes because of projection and speaker technology. Which means many participants can view the conference with the same account.

Live feeds and on demand have their differences. The main difference being timing. On demand's preparation can occur even before the video feed is broadcasted. With live feed, it does not work that way. A request is made to the viewers to ensure all of them are logged in and are prepared for the live feed. A live feed has a short delay before everything is ready. On demand does not require this and the delay request can be made when the viewers are already prepared.

There are more differences between on demand and live feed. On demand's video is pre-recorded and it can be paused for a brief discussion. Live feed does not have this option and the discussion has to be held during the end of the live presentation.

Webinars have many methods in which they are used. This depends on what type of presentation you want or how successful you want your presentation to be. If you need viewers to view your presentations from different locations simultaneously, on demand webinars are the better option for your business.

If you want a small group of viewers to gather at one location then a live feed would be the best option. Webinars are very unique. They are presentations that are interactive and presented to a group of people of your choosing. These groups of people are enabled to view the video from any given location, if they have access to equipment and software. Webinars are innovative and they are a great way for businesses to present vital information.

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