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High End Video Conferencing Systems

Among high level businesses, corporations, and media today, video conferencing has come to play an important role. The technology has become so advanced, conference rooms can be set up that beam in life sized images of participants so it is almost like they are there in person. While the average business would not have the need or budget to use such high end video conferencing systems, they play an important role in many industries like education, government, media, and health care.

These video conferencing systems do not use the standard web based providers that are used by most individuals and businesses today.  These systems require a hefty investment in hardware and software as well as a trained technical team to keep the operation running smoothly.

Cisco TelePresence is one provider of video conferencing systems. Using big screen TVs, it appears as if all participants are in the same room. The system allows for up to 18 video speakers at once. This is a good choice for seminar events, press briefings, and training meetings.

For example, the Cisco TelePresence 3000 utilizes three 65 inch plasma TV screens which provide life sized images in high definition. The screens are arranged on one side of a round table while the live participants sit on the other side. The entire system is comprised of additional components like cameras, microphones, speakers, and lighting systems in order to provide a life-like immersion experience. Emphasis is placed upon video and audio quality in order to create the best presentation with the least distractions.

Tandberg is another supplier of video conferencing systems. Their MXP product line supports up to six video and five audio sites that utilize technology that matches downspeed and rate matching so the video and audio are as flawless as possible. Tandberg offers multiple user video and audio as well as multiple point control systems. They provide wide-angle cameras so all participants can be clearly seen and deliver high quality sound that is able to filter and remove background noises.

Smart Technologies offers unique video conferencing system called interactive whiteboards. This system is popular in the education sector as it allows instructors to combine video with whiteboard images. Digital projectors display images on student desktops that can be manipulated, and highlighted with drawing tools. It provides a fun way to teach students and employees alike.

These video conferencing systems provide amazing capabilities that were not even imagined a few years ago. Using one of these systems is even better than holding live meetings in person because there is no travel expense or down time from work. After the initial investment in the required hardware and software, the systems pay for themselves over time.


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