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With the power of the Internet and advances in technology you no longer have to make expensive plans to fly in people from all over the country for a business meeting. Gotomeeting offers you the opportunity to arrange business meetings, or any kind of meetings, online. You can give presentations or provide online training for employees by bringing people from all over the world to a meeting room in cyberspace. If you are not sure if this will work for you, you can try it free.

This is a tool for web conferencing allowing you to hold a meeting online rather than face to face. The people at the conference stay in their own offices and connect with you via the Internet. They can view any application running on your PC in real time, so you can create a presentation on your computer and present it to all the participants without actually seeing them in person.

The reason that many people are using this conferencing tool is its ease of use. You can actually turn a phone call from any part of the globe into a meeting with just one click. You pay a flat fee for access to this tool and you can hold as many meetings as you wish. There won't be additional charges for going over a set number of meetings or minutes.

Best of all, this is a secure online meeting place. None of the information presented will become part of the public domain. To get started you first have to create an account. You register and create a password for your account. The set up for your PC takes only a few seconds and you don't need to configure any settings. Once this is done, you can start having meetings right away. The participants in your meetings don't need to have accounts of their own.


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