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Once you create a Gotomeeting account, you can download Gotomeeting software in a matter of seconds. This is a web conferencing tool that allows you to connect with people all over the world. You can make a presentation online, provide training and allow them to see and use applications you have running on your computer. All this takes place in real time. A simple phone call can turn into a meeting if you want when you have the software.

In order to get this software and take advantage of arranging meetings in cyberspace, you do need to pay a flat fee for the service. You will find everything you need to do so at the Gotomeeting website including information about the pricing and how the program works. For example, you will see that paying an annual fee will save you money. You can also compare this amount to what you are already spending by making arrangements to have people participate in meetings by bringing them to one central location. With this program, everyone can stay in his/her own offices and still be part of the presentation.

With Gotomeeting you can easily collaborate with clients and business partners via the Internet. One account will allow you to hold as many meetings as you want. The other participants don't need to have an account as well. You don't have to worry about online security, as there is true end-to-end encryption. You get free voice conferencing with this program with a toll number that all participants can access. Participants do have to pay the long distance charges associated with the call.

The software downloads in seconds, but there are some requirements you need to have on your computer. This include a new version of Internet Explorer, Netscape Mozilla or Firefox, Windows 200XP, 2003 Server or Vista, a 56k cable modem and a minimum of Pentium 400 MHZ with 256 MB of Ram. Take the free trial offer and see how this can benefit your business.


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