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Choosing the right Webinar Vendor

Over the last ten years the use of webinar hosting has become increasingly popular and there are now hundreds of thousand webinar service vendors. A good vendor will take the time to understand you and your business before they advise you on what sort of webinar services would be useful to you and your company. Some webinar service vendors will be more expensive than others although not necessarily better.

Not all webinar software is the same as there is still, as yet, no industry standardization service. You may have gone to one particular vendor because they were recommended by a friend or colleague, what you have to be aware of is that your company’s needs will be very different to theirs. The cost of webinars can also vary and you may be charged on per person per minute per seat. Some vendors charge by the hour for each participant and some webinar software can be used if your webinar vendor is easy to approach and has a number of programs suitable for different users.

Webinar services are not cheap but you have to weight that up against what it would have cost if you had had to fly in staff members from all parts of the world and provide hospitality for the short time they are with you. Using webinars is a much more inexpensive way of getting all your staff together for a bit of information sharing. Individual vendors may offer more than one type or level of service, which means that it is up to you to decide what level of service your company needs and how often you are going to use it.

Before you settle on any one vendor you should do some research to find what is on offer and what is out there that your company needs. You can get basic services for around $50 a month, which is a trivial amount if you work out what it would have cost you in lost work days and in travel and hospitality costs.

You should check out the vendor’s history and the company’s level of service and response time before you place an order or sign up, if the software has all the features that you would expect from most websites then it will probably do what you need it to do and save you considerable amounts of money in the future. The level of service that you get is not always defined by price; some of the cheaper options out there still have everything that you should expect from your webinar service provider. If you wanted to get your own server, add the software, and run your meetings and webinars yourself. One of the reasons that many people have service providers in these areas is because the vendor provides extra services such as advanced notice of meetings.

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