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5 Things To Consider When Creating a Webinar

By creating a webinar properly you will find that this helps to improve your businesses profit margins as it enables you to produce better quality sales leads than your competitors.  Through planning what your webinar is about and what is to be said will help with maintaining a constant and consistent flow of productivity for your business. 

Below we offer some advice on ways of creating a webinar that will not only sound but also look extremely professional to any potential new clients. 

1.  Plan Properly – This is the most crucial thing that one needs to do before you even think about hosting your first ever webinar.  Within the planning stage take into account your budget, what the webinar is to include (a schedule), how your potential clients will register, how you are going to promote your webinar and finally a list of those who will be speaking at it.

2. Create Your Attendees List – What you need to do for this is collect and then record somewhere the e-mail addresses of those who you are considering asking to participate in the event.  The quickest and most effective way of achieving this is through setting up a list on your e-mail service or placing them onto an excel spreadsheet.  As well as being useful for sending out the invites it is a good source for helping to improve sales for your business in the future.

3. Set The Time - You need to make sure that you choose a time not only convenient to yourself and those speaking during the webinar you have created, but also for those you invite.  Most people find mid-afternoon is the most suitable time for these to be held and ensures that people from not just where you live but across the globe can attend also.  When it comes to the best day of the week you will find generally a Tuesday or Wednesday suits most people. 

4.  Retaining Your Audiences Attention – When creating a webinar it is important that as well as the content of it being informative those who have been invited to attend find it interesting.  So it is a good idea to write down what you and those speaking at the webinar intend to say.    By preparing beforehand what you intend to say allows you to identify any problems that may arise during the broadcast and allow you to have a solution prepared to deal with them.  Also it ensures that you are not wasting your attendee’s time.

5.  Offer Them The Chance To Provide Feedback – By planning in for a session when creating a webinar at the end ensures that your attendees will feel that you aren’t just trying to sell them something.  They will find that because they value what they have to say they are far more likely to want to do business both now and in the future with you

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