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A webinar is an online presentation or meeting. All the transmissions are carried over the Internet. Many businesses are now availing of this cost-saving measure by creating an account at Gotowebinar. This program allows you to have as many as 1000 people attending the meeting at any one time. Imagine how much this would cost if you had to arrange seating space and make arrangements to bring this large number of people together in one place. The low cost of hosting webinars will help you save thousands of dollars each year.

You can increase your productivity, offering presentations to clients and business partners, hold online training for employees and share computer applications all online. The participants all stay in their home offices. You don't need to have any training to hold a webinar in this manner and you don't need to have any third parties involved in the hosting of the webinars. The interface of the program is streamlines so that you plan, deliver, record and analyze the presentation on your own.

The software includes Gotomeeting, so that you can follow up on presentations and meetings with fewer participants. When you set up an account, you can target the audience and arrange meetings. The customer support will sen reminder messages to the participants you select so that they won't forget about the scheduled presentation. You can also download the attendee reporting feature which tells you who attended the meeting.

You can download a free trial of the software to find out exactly how easily it works and what it can do for you. Once you see it in action, you will see how this can increase your company profits and decrease your costs of doing business in the global marketplace. You do have customer support that you can call on for any help you might need.


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